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Project Description
Simple PHP library for API

  // Include the Bing API PHP Library
require_once 'library/BingAPI.php';

// Simply start the class with your AppID argumented
$search = new BingAPI('YOUR APPID KEY');
/* To use multiple resources simply do 
   ->setSources('Web+Image') , 
   it must match the source type provides */
// Build your query easily

 # Also you can try: xml, soap or json
                'Web.Count' => '10', 
                'Web.Offset' => '0', 
                'Adult' => 'Moderate', 
                'Options' => 'EnableHighlighting')
 # Check the API documentation in for more information

# This will give you a raw output
echo $search->getResults();

Site feed
Cannot resolve syndicated feed macro, invalid parameter 'titlesOnly'.

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